It’s Here, The First Cave à Manger in New York Opening Soon

As the founders, our enthusiasm, passion, and advocacy bring us together to announce the opening of OCabanon Cave à Manger opening next Spring 2013 in Chelsea, a place allowing selected wines and genuine food in a casual atmosphere.

OCabanon features French cuisine, traditional and inventive, focusing on fresh and local products. Vivant wine that pairs perfectly with the classic comfort food, awakening the senses and pleasures of the table.

If you’re an advocate of wine, an activist for vins naturels, or simply in the look for something new, OCabanon is the place you have been waiting for.

New Yorkers are close to discovering something new, with the accessible OCabanon Cave à Manger opening next year.

Is it a restaurant? A wine store? Its neither, it’s a Cave à Manger.

Armel Joly, Alexandre Mur, and Michaël Faure